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Perfect for presents and summery days, stay ecochic this summer - with added “feel good” factor!



"I fell in love with the Gift Horse tie top tote bags the moment I saw them.  The fun fabrics and quirky design are perfect when you want something a bit more fun than your ordinary handbag." - Catherine, Herefordshire

100% cotton, handmade in Worcestershire: £35 with free delivery - £10 of each purchase supports Disasters Emergency Committee.

GH/UF bags have interior pockets and magnetic fasteners, whilst the GH/PC and GH/HB bags have velcro fasteners and no interior pockets.

Ties on the GH/UF bag measure 52 cms and those on the GH/PC and GH/HB bags are 40 cms.

Bag GH/UF is 28 cms deep x 32 cms wide, whilst bags GH/PC & GH/HB are 22 cms deep x 32 cms wide.


Union Jack Flag tie top tote bag (GH/UF)

Pink Candy on Cream tie top tote bag (GH/PC)

Holiday Brights tie top tote bag (GH/HB)



Black 'patent' tote/laptop bag, lined in purple.

Designed in Worcestershire and ethically made abroad.  39 cm deep x 37.5 cm wide.  Handles 49 cm.

£19.95 with free delivery and £5.99 of each purchase supporting Disasters Emergency Committee.

"Women of style are ditching the hessian for eco chic" - Angie, Wellbeing of Women, East Yorkshire